About Us

Short View

Shine Bright Cosmetics BV is the Netherlands leading wholesaler of cosmetics, perfumes, and beauty products. The company was created with the aim of supplying our trade customers with quality products at fair prices, backed by an unmatched customer experience that will help you enter the booming market for products of this type. The idea behind setting up as wholesalers were to share our expertise with as many people as possible, based on the enthusiasm shown by our retail customers for the cosmetics products through WORLDWIDE stores.

As cosmetics experts, we offer high quality skincare, perfumes, hair care and other related products, all fresh and supplied at the best possible prices. Every product sold by Shine Bright Cosmetic BV is the culmination of a foolproof process that we control at every stage, from manufacturers all the way to the uses and satisfaction experienced by the end customer.

You provide your customers with quality products, the fruit of our unparalleled knowledge and expertise, when you choose beauty and cosmetics products from Shine Bright Cosmetics BV.